Yay!! You’ve signed up for your first yoga class!
Unsure of what to bring? We’ve got you covered with this list of 5 essentials.


Comfortable Clothing

Wear what you FEEL comfortable in. This is your practice. Whether it’s a hot class or yin based practice. The more comfortable the clothing the more focused on your practice.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during and after your practice is crucial to replenishing your body of lost fluids. Especially if you’re taking one of our FLOW, MOVE OR STRONG classes. Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up at the studio or bring your favourite water.

Props, Blanket, Identification

When practicing always make sure you bring props that you may need. While the studio already provides and carries yoga blocks, straps and sliders. Bringing a blanket, yoga pads or even yoga socks is beneficial. Bringing identification is ALWAYS important whenever signing into class OR incase of emergencies.

Your Own Yoga Mat

At Union 108 we don’t have extra mats to lend out. Bringing your own mat holds you accountable for your practice and also reminds you of when to book that next class in.PLUS you can decide the required thickness, size, shape that you want.

Your Awesomeness & An Open Mind

Sometimes we pass judgements quickly and it’s imperative especially during a yoga practice and our first one to take the time to really experience it all before coming to a conclusion. No one is bad at yoga, it’s a practice. We all learn from the beginning and we all learn something new differently. Don’t be afraid to ask the teachers questions, give yourself grace and recognize that yoga or training is about noticing how your body feels, taking time to really connect with yourself and to learn over a period of time.


Can’t wait to see you in studio!!!!


The Union 108 Team