What can I expect from Union 108?

We believe yoga is for everybody. We continue to create and maintain a welcoming, relaxed, open environment where every student feels comfortable. Our team is very approachable and available to answer any questions.

What is the Union 108 Studio Practices?

Register for classes before coming to class at www.union108.com/classes or through the Glofox App for Android or Apple

Check-in at reception before all classes.

Arrive at least ten minutes before class as, unfortunately, you won’t be able to practice if you arrive past the class start time. We lock the doors to ensure students items are safe and classes undisturbed

Please be mindful of personal belongings in the yoga room during full classes. It’s imperative that we create space for others to safely move around.

Please place your phone on silent upon entering the studio.

Please do not adjust the thermostats/fans in the studios.

At the end of class, please return all props to appropriate area

Please respect your fellow yoga students, instructors and staff. Disruptive or harassing conduct of any kind will not be tolerated, and may result in the immediate suspension of a membership or a ban from the studio.

Please leave all valuables at home, Union 108 is not responsible for lost/stolen items.

Please do not leave mats at the studio. Unclaimed mats will be donated at the end of the week.

Individuals who do not comply with the above guidelines may be denied entry into a class and/or the studio, and serious or repeated violations of the above guidelines may result in the cancellation of a studio membership or class passes without notice, and/or a studio ban.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.


Is it okay if I’ve never done yoga or strength training before?

Yes, absolutely! Unite, Unwind and Stretch are a great starting points. Please let the teacher know you are new to yoga or movement and always practice at your own pace.

What do I need to know to prepare for my class?

Wear comfortable clothes, the importance of your practice is that YOU are comfortable.

Bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water.  A towel is always handy too!

Bring a water bottle, we have filtered water on tap.

How often should I practice to get the best results?

Two classes is a great starting point when you’re new to yoga and to mix up the practice to see what you enjoy. Many people jump right in and enjoy a daily practice.

How do I get to Union 108?

We’re located at 108 John St. in the heart of the Arnprior Downtown Core, You’ll notice the beautiful boutique Jade & Laney, we are behind that building. Parking is available at the parking lot right beside the entrance, and street parking is available too.

What if I have an injury or feel unwell?

If you have an injury please get the all-clear from your doctor/specialist before attending our classes. Make the teacher aware of all injuries before the class. Listen to what your body is telling you and move accordingly.

Please do not practice if you have a cold or flu as you risk more harm to yourself as well as others around you. Stay home and take rest. We reserve the right to refuse entry to class if you present unwell. Don’t forget to cancel any class bookings.

I’m pregnant is it safe to practice?

If you already have a regular yoga practice you are more than welcome to attend

Before any class please let the teacher know how many weeks pregnant you are. They will discuss which poses you should skip and offer alternatives throughout the class.

If you have never practiced yoga before we believe you would get more benefit from a specialized prenatal class. Whilst we don’t have any prenatal classes currently on the schedule please email us if you are interested in a private or semi-private class class.

How do I change the Credit/Debit Card details you have on file for me?

Download the Glofox App, Search Union 108 Yoga, log in, head to the Profile tab and locate your Wallet. From here simply add your new Credit or Debit Card details and click Save.

Alternatively, you can update with us in studio or online at www.union108.com/classes

What are your booking cancellation policies?

If you are unable to make it to class please consider others and be sure to cancel your booking at least 3 hours before the class. Class cancellations or changes can be made up to 3 hours before the class start time without incurring additional charges.

If you’ve booked using a ‘1 Class’, or multi-class pack, any no-shows or late cancellations will result in forfeiting that visit.

Booking cancellations can be made via the Glofox App and the Union 108 Yoga website or via e-mail. Cancellations will not be accepted via  phone or social media

What can I do if the App is not working?

If you encounter a problem with our App please first make sure you have the latest software updated on your phone and the latest version of the App. Otherwise please book via the Union 108 website.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password please use the recover password function at the login screen of our app. If you are still having trouble please call the studio or visit one of our team at reception and we’ll create a new one for you.

How can I create an account and book into classes?

We recommend downloading and booking through the Glofox App to reserve a place in each class. You may also sign up through the Glofox website if you do not have access to a smartphone.

Why is the App asking me to buy services when I have an active Offer?

Our Intro Offers activate from the date you purchase the pass.

Can I pause an Intro Offer or a 5 or 10 class pass?

Unfortunately not, these passes are heavily subsidized therefore cannot be paused or extended. Only our memberships can be paused for 30 days every scheduling season.

How do I cancel my membership?

Membership cancellations can be made with 30 days notice by e-mail or in-person