Haylee Smith

Haylee is an old soul who shines bright like a star.

Her classes emphasize relaxation to help relieve mental and physical tensions. She achieves this with uncomplicated sequences and a steady calming voice.

Perfect if you need to escape a long day or energetically shift.


Pronouns: She/Her/They
Teaching style: slower paced, nature themed usually, blending philosophy with asana

3 words to describe my classes: chill, inclusive, guided

Favourite quote: nothing in nature blooms all year

Local business: Mystical Elements

Favourite way to move: yin yoga, walking (in nature) or kundalini

Favourite place to visit: nature trails (grove)

Favourite way to relax: Nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) yoga, meditation,  watching cartoons

Non-negotiable: having a mind too rigid to negotiate is a definite nope, so in that case a flexible mind to negotiate 

Hometown: Braeside

3 fave books: Olde fairytale books (from all over the world) From here to eternity- Caitlyn Daughty, Scott Pilgrim series by Brian Lee Omally

One of my favourite songs (right now): Surface pressure- encanto soundtrack

Meditation is: Where I go inside to find the right answers for myself to questions that could never be answered by books . It’s where I go to focus, for guidance , anything.  If I have a 15 minute break, I usually spend 5 of it meditating.

Yoga is: Union, it’s where you practice tuning into your own body, breath, mind, spirit,  through that you can better connect to others. It’s a key to our own sort of symbiotic relationships and how you can expand your view from the micro to the macro.

Favourite ritual/habit: sitting at my meditation space, lighting a cleansing bundle or incense, pulling a card (tarot or oracle, depending how I’m feeling) of the day then letting it guide me for as long as called to (and usually picking a crystal to carry to go with it) 

Favourite posture to teach: reclined butterfly

Favourite posture to practice: dragonfly at the wall

One awesome thing about me: I’m really good with animals. 

Name something you’re really good at: reading tarot/oracle for self development

What is one thing you’re learning right now? Better communication! I’m working on learning to verbalize better, set boundaries and be more transparent (but I really prefer listening as apposed to talking anyway 😉 )

What does community mean to me?
Understanding that no matter how someone shows up, we’re all deserving  of respect,  and due to different circumstances it’s ok to give those that need help that help, and not hold everyone accountable to the same standards. figuring out how we can all be happy in the moment (instead of seeing people as how they “profit” ) people working together to make the future that much brighter for their children.  And understand it’s hard to ask for help,  those that do are brave, and working together to help change what doesn’t serve the group for the good of the group. 


Certification: 200HR YTT