Jason Nowlan

Jason has been in the fitness industry as a trainer for 7 years and loves making a positive impact through movement and laughter!

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Teaching Style: Calm and Informative

3 words to describe your classes: Easy going, Fun,  sweaty

What is your favourite Local Business: Mighty Fine Bakery

Favourite way to Move: Through Sports

Favourite place to visit: Calypso Waterpark and Cottage Roy


Your favourite way to relax: Playing video games

Your non-negotiable: Respect

Hometown: Hearst, Ontario

One of your favourite songs: Dance Monkey

Meditation is: Peacefully working on within


Personal Training is: my way to help people improve their quality of life, become more comfortable/confident and deal with their stress

Favourite ritual/habit: warm up before a game


Favourite exercise to teach: any core exercises

Favourite exercise to practice: V-Snaps

One Awesome Thing about You!: My eyes change colour

Name something you’re really good at: Sports

What is one new thing you’re learning right now?: Teaching a Step Class

What does community mean to you?: Community is a sense of belonging, friendship and networking

Certifications: CFP PT
Instagram: @JayFitNow
Facebook: Jason Nowlan