Katrina Kahn

Only an expert teacher can motivate you to reach higher. Katrina’s yoga classes work like osmosis, you soak in all the goodness yoga has to offer. Her sequences are expertly crafted to strengthen the body while keeping healthy anatomical movement in mind. Guaranteed to leave you inspired and mentally refreshed.


Preferred Pronouns:  She/Her

Teaching Style:  Vinyasa Flow – linking breath to movement.  Experiential and permission giving.
3 words to describe your classes:  come let go

What is your favourite Quote:   Yoga is not a work out it’s a work in!
What is your favourite Local Business:  Union 108!
Favourite way to Move: Dancing and flow

Favourite place to visit:  My cottage

Your favourite way to relax:  reading
Your non-negotiable:  Family

Hometown:  Fergus
3 Favourite Books:  All of Jane Austen’s works but also The Lord of the Rings series and Harry Potter
One of your favourite songs:  “Deed I Do” sung by Blossom Dearie
Meditation is: Japa – mantra meditation

Yoga is:   life – the way to live life after you get off your mat or meditation cushion.
Favourite ritual/habit: reading in bed every night before I go to sleep.

Favourite posture to teach:  Warrior Two

Favourite posture to practice:  Half Moon
One Awesome Thing about You!: I love to learn.  And share what I know. I have over three decades of experience in movement.  I’ve dedicated my life to making people feel better through movement.


Name something you’re really good at:  Being creative and creating
What is one new thing you’re learning right now?:  Yoga Therapy – I am studying to be a Yoga Therapist

What does community mean to you?:  Connection

Certifications: 500 RYT

Website: https://www.fitnesswithkatrina.ca
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/sunshoweryoga
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FitnessWithKatrina