About Us

“The central focus of yoga is not the soul and not the body—it is the mind.”

The word yoga, means to yoke; union. Throughout a yoga or practice, we’re shown how to connect body and breath, energy and emotions, feeling and structure, soft and hard, intense and chill. Union show us that we are not separated from different things, or different body parts, we are not separated from opposites or even that our bodies and minds are separate!! Yoga, Union show us that everything make up the whole, complete human being. It is something to understand, to turn inward to, to connect with.

Our studio is located in the Downtown Core of Arnprior, Ontario we provide over 20 classes per week plus creative workshops throughout the year to meet your needs on and off the mat. Union 108 is a mind and body space dedicated to providing a connected and sustainable practice, Our approach is grounded in the traditional lineages of yoga and training then applying them to modern day life through movement, pranayama, meditation, joy, focus, rest and community. We offer yoga and training classes on our schedule as we believe these different practices on the schedule are a great combination for learning and growth.


Vision & Philosophy

To cultivate an empowering, inclusive, fun, always growing, always learning, mindful community, through our offerings, our work in local places and collaboration with local initiatives. 



How Can We Do This?

Safety and Accountability

We value the safety of our members, participants, community and the accountability of our staff to commit to creating/upholding this safety for every member to interact toward one another in a safe and healthy manner.


By providing community programs, offerings or sharing programming to families and members of local communities, we are committed to breaking down systemic barriers that prevent access to yoga and movement in different ways.


We believe  that respect for the rights, dignity and integrity of others is essential for the well-being of our community.

Empowerment through Verbal Validation

We believe in building self-confidence and self-respect for our community through verbal validation and action. ex: respecting pronouns, names, space, boundaries and more.


We believe that behaviour inconsistent with our values should be corrected and from there if it continues, removed.  We converse with our team, or if necessary, transform discriminatory actions and/or dialogue into deeper awareness and respect for diversity, authority, and autonomy.

Leadership and Encouraging Growth

Leadership and encouraging growth asks of us to step up and say something, to discuss and to step down so that we aren’t always centring our voices but listening to others.

Clear Communication

We encourage and facilitate clear communication among all team and participants. This is an environment where any and all questions, concerns, and expectations can be discussed