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108 John St. N, Arnprior ON


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We make yoga friendly and accessible.

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Enjoy one of our thoughtfully curated events hosted by your favourite teachers.


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A bright open space available for meetings, events, film and photoshoots.

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Union 108 offers classes & workshops that are designed to grow with each individual. Our hope is to provide a variety of experiences that will benefit our you for a lifetime. Uniting creative and intelligent sequencing, intentional messaging and love for the roots of the ancient practices of yoga with modern practices we’re excited to see you on the mat.

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Whether you're just starting or have been practicing for sometime we have classes for all levels of experiences.


Drawing from Hatha based teachings this practice builds on breath, safe alignment and principles of Yoga.

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Combines the flowing style of Vinyasa, connecting breath to movement and maintain focus on alignment, strength and flexibility.

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Slower in nature this class incorporates breath work, focus and flexibility to release tension.Excellent for those who prefer a less vigorous class.

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Core movements, specific breath cues and endurance based sequences that focus on boosting strength and flexibility.

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A strength training class designed to improve composition, function and awareness through a variety of bodyweight and equipment based exercises.

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Set aside time to stretch and work on your range of motion. Highly recommended for those who work in trades, athletes, desk work, repetitive movements and healthcare.

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We offer different prices to fit your budget and schedule. Hello flexibility!

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Passionate, committed and connected our teachers are focused on guiding you through practices that will benefit you for a lifetime.

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The Union 108 yoga studio is complete with one large practice studio, washroom facilities, upstairs lobby/reception area, outdoor patio space and seating. Providing yoga and movement props for your practice, retail items that range from athleisure to home decor that inspire harmony, fun and connection. Stop by and check out this space before you practice or rent and see what we’re all about.

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One of the leading community focused yoga studio's in the Ottawa Valley Area dedicated to providing creative, intuitive yoga and movement for the heart, mind and body.